No homo but basketball players tend to have the really broad, defined shoulder muscles I was wondering if this came a lot from practicing shooting (the reps overhead) or if it was from a workout that basketball trainers can I switch up my routine to get my shoulders bigger like that? If you wear skirts, the fuller the better. I am the same as you OP - broad shoulders with quite prominent collar bones and very small breasts. In a similar vein, a thin dainty chain necklace can make that shoulder to shoulder expanse look big in comparison, so try pendants or something with a thicker or elaborate chain. I have huge shoulders too and I used to worry a lot about how huge them make me look, but I have started giving less of a fuck about it. if they fit in the shoulders they will be too big in the rest), especially items with stiff, defined shoulder seams like button down collared shirts. It might be broad compared to their ribcage/torso. Big traps only look bad on narrow guys since it creates the sloped-shoulders look. Here are five strategies for building big AND healthy shoulders. I've noticed that I have broader shoulders than some people who are 1-2 inches taller than me. Small frame (narrow shoulders, small chest, lankiness) is usually tall looking characteristics. I recently bought a dress that is kind of like a spaghetti strap/halter top/ racer back type thing and sure, I probably look like the incredible hulk when standing next to a normal sized woman, but my shoulders also look awesome. I'd love to wear more but I can't find anything that fits my wide shoulders and short arms at the same time. Female titans get a dummed down version of the armor, so the shoulders aren’t so big. I have almost 20 inch shoulders but I have a fucking big ass head, which makes my shoulders look average, so is the rest of my frame and I'm usually pegged as shorter than I really am. I have quite broad shoulders (15.5inches,5'7) and a lot of fashion advice I've seen, talks about putting emphasis on your bust .unfortunately, I have NO bust and I don't think drawing attention to my flat chest would do anything for me. As to what is flattering depends on the rest of your body. Arms It’s no surprise that toned arms were the number one most desirable characteristic in a guy. If you feel like your arms got bigger from 10 kg weights and bicep curls or overhead presses – these are out the window! but several people have commented on them and said they look big. Crew necks are bad because you see a lot of fabric and very little skin. I think maybe the overall mass of a person is what you notice instead of just height. Wide necklines can be more flattering. just watched a youtube video by olympus iron where describes how he does "God sets". But I've noticed in general that if a short guy is big in some way (whether it's fat or muscle), I don't notice his height so much. In my youth I loved boxy jackets (mens tailored to fit the rest of me) tee shirts and jeans. Having a pair of wide, powerful shoulders instantly attracts respect and admiration from onlookers. 1. I know a guy who is almost as narrow as a pole and I thought he looked 6'2. Don't wear spaghetti straps. You shouldn't be embarrassed about being a strong bad ass. Take a weight you can do 6-8 times. Your shoulders may be slightly rounded, and you most likely have a rounded buttocks. You can stop overlooking your shoulders right away by implementing some of the 12 safe and effective shoulder exercises I’ve shown you. '. Besides any emphasizing or de-emphasizing tricks, just having something fit properly is a remarkable look changer. Get bigger shoulders, get bigger arms. I know a lot of people likes that design but when I saw the new IB armor I just felt bad for my titan having that big things there. Though if you have an extremely wide/off the shoulder neckline, then you have a long unbroken swath of skin which can go back to drawing attention to the width and be "unflattering" again. Press J to jump to the feed. It's weird. Look at Dorian, his waist wasn't small but his shoulders were so broad and traps so huge that he had an incredible taper in the lat spreads. Now as an older person, with the I had kid's gut and other body issues, I go for more of a drape across the top over slim pants or leggings, this helps to minimize my gut and is very comfy. You need to train your shoulders in an efficient and intelligent way to get them big and looking in proportion with the rest of your physique. Same here with the strapless, it is no bueno...emphasises my arms and shoulders while flattening my bust. I have relatively broad shoulders/big arms and what I feel minimizes them is drapey, loose armed long sleeved cardigans. So, Any fashion advice for a person with broad shoulders AND flat chest? I'm not saying I'm like the hulk with ridiculously sized shoulders and I'm definitely not reppin that I'm a big guy. Yeah it seems like if you're "wide" in some way, that your proportions would make you look shorter. I think you may have a point about thin material being drapey. Grasp a barbell with a palms-down grip, hands slightly outside shoulder-width. Shoulder Training Rules. I haven't had good luck with that though. Broad shoulders can make you look taller as long as the rest of your frame (chest & hips) are not as wide or wider. … I think some better comparisons could be Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz and Emma Stone. But on the other hand, it seems like short guys with narrow frames seem even shorter than they really are. Below are 9 of the best shoulder moves to build mass. Examine your unclothed torso with your arms resting at your sides. Not training shoulders often enough is a big mistake because not only are they important functional muscle group, their width has a huge influence on the overall size and appearance of your upper body. A-line, circle, skater, etc. FREE DVDAre your arms too small for your chest? It’s his shoulders. The 3 heads that make up the shoulders The shoulder muscles are made up of 3 heads. big wide shoulders and small arms checking in Heard you bought a new dvd player. I can't wait to read what other people reply with. While Kim K. does have broad shoulders, she also has large boobs, and comes off more hourglass overall. While just about everyone emphasized that they didn’t like arms that were “too big,” “beefy,” or “over-the-top guido [? ]… that’s just nasty,” it was clear that biceps that … I also have trouble finding tops that arent too tight around the shoulder/armpit area. Broad shoulders are likely if her shoulders look like they're squared off at a 90-degree angle, with a noticeable bony protrusion, rather than rounded. Examine the structure of your shoulders. Any advice? I look like a pro football player in strapless. Are you ready to get bigger shoulders? Blazers and jackets are the worst! The idea behind this is that you want to visually break up the horizontal line of your shoulders. Stay away from off-the-shoulder looks and crewnecks when you can. On one hand, I know that narrow objects are perceived to be longer. Darker colors on top and lighter colors and prints on bottom helps create a more hourglass look. Personally, I think the stockier someone looks the shorter they are perceived. I have almost 20 inch shoulders but I have a fucking big ass head, which makes my shoulders look average, so is the rest of my frame and I'm usually pegged as shorter than I really am. You train shoulders religiously each week, but you’re not making progress, you’re constantly in pain, and you’re ready to scrap shoulder work altogether.. You said your shoulders are big because of your competitive swimming. The same thing goes for the shoulder press – if this is what contributed to their growth. My friend is the same height as me, but I am much lankier (longer arms, longer neck, etc.) I can't attribute this to footwear as I often wear Nike slide sandals when relaxing with friends. I'm going to guess that really broad shoulders do make you appear taller so long as you have that V-shaped torso and narrow waist thing going. (Torso Dominant)Is your chest too small for your arms? The best way to deal with broad shoulders is to soften the shoulder line and bring a balance into the well-defined figure points. ONE golden rule, ONE great shoulder workout from a top PT Enter the deltoid quadrant by working arm muscles that are way more important than biceps. I also never wear tops with spaghetti straps, embellishment on the shoulder area or tees with short sleeves (no sleeves and mid-long to long sleeves are okay). Dwight Howard — 5x 3-point maker, 5x First Team All-NBA Center, 10x Father, and also a very large pair of shoulders. Do people often perceive you to be taller than you are? With a pear figure, one of your … ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Men with broad shoulders seem to command more respect everyone else around them. Any knit is flattering to me as long as it is thin enough to drape well. Stay away from anything that is loud or draws attention to your shoulders--throw out any shoulder pads, neckline/shoulder applique, embroidery, etc. No, I am 5'5" with 16.5" across and a small 32 D chest, please let me know of a blazer/jacket that will fit my shoulders. I was actually considering lifting and this is part of why I asked this question. Sometimes I see people my height from far away and perceive them to be tall, and sometimes I perceive them to be short. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the femalefashionadvice community, Continue browsing in r/femalefashionadvice, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I once saw a guy who I thought was at least 6 foot, just because he was so big, but when I saw him standing right next to me in front of a mirror I realized he's only 5'9". I think it generally helps, when you are sitting down you look bigger than you are and I think it comes across more masculine regardless, Taller, but not by a lot, maybe a couple inches. Our shoulders (400 cm³) are around 60% bigger than our chests (250 cm³) and 400% the size of our biceps (100 cm³). Our Athletic Fit is for guys who have a more muscular upper-body and need more room in the shoulders, chest, and arms, but still need a fitted shirt that tapers to their waist. So crew necks with a long unbroken swath of fabric in that area are "unflattering." I am 5'5" with 16.5" across and a small 32 D chest, please let me know of a blazer/jacket that will fit my shoulders. I really love how broad they are. Good luck! I'm trying to figure out what makes the difference. I dont know what exactly makes my shoulders seem so big (maybe because theyre super straight ???) He's only 1-2 inches taller than me. I think it's my shoulders/lack of defined triceps. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. and people think I look taller. I am around your height with 19" shoulders and a flat chest. Raised skin bumps are most often … Pull the barbell up until your upper arms are just below level with your shoulders. woow this is me, I'm the same height/flat-chested/broad shouldered. Vertical accents on your tops--vertical stripes, lose scarves, thin lapels on blazers, etc. ), and soon you’ll be showing off your bigger, boulder shoulders with pride. I tend to be a medium size 6ish except in Blazers where I'm a large or definite size up. Also stay away from anything that has shoulder detailing or design. How To Build Big Broad Shoulders Homepage Let’s face it, shoulders make the man (and in some cases, the woman). This was why I wrestled middle school into college. The muscles between the shoulder blades pulls your shoulders back (with in 8/10 cases is necessary for good posture anyway, since most have an overdeveloped chest compared to their back, which can end up in shoulder pain at some point, so you're not just getting broader but … Stay away from cap sleeves and flutter sleeves. Also makes your neck look longer. I'm 5'4" and have broad shoulders and people are always surprised that they're taller than me or that I'm actually 5'4". Spaghetti straps are bad because you see a lot of skin and very little fabric. The good news is that shoulder pain can be avoided, and if you already have shoulder pain, it can often be cured. Other than that, I'm hoping for some advice in here as well. But what makes him tick? I've always liked how dainty chain necklaces made my chest/shoulder area look (tall with broad shoulders like many people here). You realize 15.5 inches is .5 below the female average right? I always hated my school blazer because the bulk of the shoulder pad in combination with my frame had me rivalling the boys rugby team :D But then I discovered that blazers without padding actually flattered my shape! No gut helps too. The second half of my comment was really directed at the OP of the other comment so I talked about specifics for her, but I wanted to leave that portion because even though you might not be a swimmer or athlete, I wanted to leave the portion where I talked about how having broad shoulders is okay. a) Make sure you're getting tops that fit through the shoulders. Huh. So the most common suggestions are to avoid crew neck items, spaghetti straps, and halter tops. V-neck, scoop neck, some boat neck shirts (if the neckline isn't too high, because you don't want it to end up too much like a crew neck) are good necklines for someone with broad shoulders. I don't think there are really hard and fast rules for what type of cut will or won't flatter you. Broad shoulders often appear flat, or perpendicular to the neck. Everything you need to build bigger shoulders, including the 10 best shoulder exercises and the best shoulder workouts, designed by top personal trainers ONE golden rule, ONE great shoulder workout from a top PT Enter the deltoid quadrant by working arm muscles that are way more important than biceps. And as you keep getting stronger, your shoulders will keep growing bigger. I think "shit, she looks strong as fuck." Now, to achieve the goal of big, healthy shoulders, you need to follow a couple of rules. I don't want to do it if it's going to make me look shorter than I already am, even if having a ripped body looks pretty nice. The occasional sheath or pencil is fine, but pair it with a very simple top. Shoulder Workouts for Mass: 9 of the Best Exercises. Lets go for a drink and ill show you how to use it im korean so you know im good with electronics and eating pussy ~~~ Always pick n-1 crew ~~~ 03-03-2011, 06:03 PM #8. In fact, having broad shoulders probably helps my overall silhouette seem more hourglass and (I think/hope) gives me a more commanding presence. But in my opinion, dainty necklaces make my collarbones look dainty and therefore make my shoulders look girlier, if that makes sense. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. Form-fitting or tailored clothing have traditionally been designed with … The problem I wanna fix is the drape problem around the waist. Personally, I never look at a woman with big shoulders and think "oh my god, she's basically a man!" V-necks and scoop-necks are your friends. Of course, if you have serious shoulder problems, you should always speak to your doctor. They don't break up your shoulders quite enough--go with tanks and tops that have straps at least 1" thick. This means stop ALL direct resistance training that made your arms, back and/or shoulders bigger. You could probably get away with suspenders or ties if you like a more androgynous or prep look. Same here. Perform 4 reps, rest … Okay, now that we have gotten into how to downplay your shoulders visually, I'm going to get to the body pep-talk portion. It would create a long lean line. Yeah I think adding a few of those into Destiny 2 would be nice. If your body forms a “V,” or inverted triangle, shape from your shoulders to your waist, this is a good indicator that you have broad shoulders. Treat each head (anterior, medial, posterior) as a separate muscle to be trained. Sure a few women might say you're compensating and some idiot dude might call you a manlet but you WILL attract more women then if you don't.