Welcome to Trio Nursery Purveyor of Quality Plants Since 1976 Welcome to our piece of paradise…Trio Nursery is located in the foothills of beautiful Santa Barbara California, otherwise known as the American Riviera. A low growing selection by John Greenlee. Weekdays between 2 pm and 6:30pm are best . Care should be taken planting this rye grass with the understanding that it will run. Perennial: Evergreen. Height: 1 ft - 3 ft to 3 ft; Life Cycle: perennial; Growth Type: grass; Inflorescence Size: > 5 in A low growing selection by John Greenlee. LEYMUS triticoides 'Lagunita' (#LEYLAG4 - B 01) LEYMUS triticoides 'Lagunita' photo-not-available.gif. Good for erosion control. Resembling a wheat field this grass can cover a large are within a season. Perennial: Evergreen. Leymus triticoides Lagunita. 5 gal. leymus condensatus `canyon prince` native blue rye. Plant growth is rhizomotus and faster than a sedge. Mat-forming (rhizomatous) grass w/rich green lvs that thrive along creeks & seasonally wet soil. legend tree canopy tertiary platforms grassland ronds. Discovered on a ranch near the Laguna River in Santa Cruz County. We are open to the public by appointment only, please call us at (805) 969-9178 so we can explore dates and times for our get together. SITE PLAN repurpose oil tank program rond program. … the perfect perch for scoping out the beach, observing the hang-gliders, watching the whales, enjoying the sunset, imbibing with friends… Discovered on a ranch near the Laguna River in Santa Cruz County. 0. low. LEYMUS triticoides 'Lagunita' Lagunita Wild Rye, Creeping Wild Rye. Leymus triticoides Creeping wild rye This california native grass grows to around 3 foot with tan seed heads extending 5 inches from top. Elymus triticoides Creeping wild rye, formerly Leymus triticoides. Leymus triticoides 'Lagunita' The gold standard for native CA meadow grasses, this evergreen, low maintenance, low growing John Greenlee selection is an excellent alternative to conventional turf. CA native. 5 gal low 27. salvia x `gracias` gracias sage 5 gal low 64. verbena lilacina `de la mina` `de la mina` verbena 1 gal low 116 5 gal. 141. phlomis fruticosa `compact form`jerusalem sage. Gentle hillocks covered in un-thirsty grass (Leymus triticoides Lagunita – Lagunita Wild Rye) evoke dunes, and a meandering suggestion-of-a-path draws visitors out to the cliff’s edge. On our walk through the Oak Woodland we saw many scrub oaks, Rhus ovata, Baccharis salicifolia (Mulefat), and Leymus triticoides ‘Lagunita’ which spreads very aggressively. Tolerates sand, clay and drought! FILTER 50 gallons of water per day br. Leymus triticoides 'Lagunita' Photo courtesy John Greenlee and Associates. No need to go lawn free when you can just go native! CA native. Leymus triticoides 'Lagunita', Elymus Lagunita Alkali Rye, Creeping Wild Rye, Beardless Wild Rye A perennial grass that forms low, mounding clumps of coarse, rich green leaf blades. low 208 leymus triticoides `lagunita` wild rye 1 gal low 905. lupinus chamissonis dune lupine. Spreads by rhizomes to form colonies, not as aggressive as other rye grasses. Drought & deer resistant. Drought & deer resistant. Tan flower spikes arise 1 foot above the foliage in summer.