Although Rintarou couldn't think of what to do for Kurisu at that moment, he tells her that he can listen to her sorrows anytime as someone important to him. Female Hi everyone, I know I'm late to the party but I finally started watching steins;gate 0. At the lab, he tries to give Okabe dating advice by talking about all the girls he made out with on his online harem, but Okabe brushes him off. Mature as she is, Kurisu is very sarcastic, and often expresses this through her interactions with Okabe and Daru, the former due to his eccentricities and frequent insensitivity and the latter due to his perverted remarks. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End Okabe and Suzuha return from the past, where Okabe collapses on the ground in shock. Though she is hesitant to admit it, she is a frequent user of the text board @Channel, donning the identity "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Steins;Gate 0 Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller Episodes: 23 Rated: Rated 16. It takes the group's looking up SERN's research about time travel to finally convince Kurisu of the truth. She asks him if he is doing okay after Daru mentioned Okabe's crying to her. I stopped wearing teddie bear panties a few years ago!...Ah! Mayuri is later seen carrying two heavy bags, but due to the stress she briefly drops them and begins walking aimlessly. eBay item number: 303809959359. -Kurisu to Okabe & Itaru, (After kissing Okabe) "There was a scientific rationale for that! The part of her name "Kuri" means chestnut, and so her hair color is most likely to resemble the color of a chestnut. The timeline is pretty much the same up until episode 23. Suzuha breaks the door open with a silenced pistol, with the plan being for Okabe to save Kurisu and watch out for Dr. Nakabachi while Suzuha prepares a return trip; however, Okabe must not run into his past self. She is briefly mentioned in Chaos;Child, and she communicates via the in-universe Twitter (Twipo) in Robotics;Notes and Robotics;Notes DaSH. Suzuha noticed the commotion and created a window of opportunity for Kurisu to boot up the Time-leap machine for Okabe. She is shown frequently to hate being nicknamed, as she dislikes all of the names that Okabe gives her, with 'The Zombie' bugging her most of all. Full Name In love Scientist, Mastermind, Assistant. Going into hysterics, Okabe claims he has finally triumphed and that he can look to the future. This causes Faris to notice, and she asks who with (even suggesting it's Kurisu), before saying that "all this women chasing" will tamper with his "special technique". Last one . This time Kurisu comes up, admitting that she's worried about Okabe after he said he wanted to be left alone. The opposite of justice is... another justice. Figured as Much Photo Collection #17. However, Okabe declares that they will go public with the machine instead of experimenting with it on their own. She now fears her father will react negatively to her making the machine, but will proceed out of interest. Kurisu protests by saying that that's stealing, provoking Nakabachi to slam her on the floor and claim that she is the thief because, in his mind, she is destroying his ability to become a world-famous scientist. For one thing, he has to keep all things consistent with how Past Okabe saw Kurisu die, as if they change everything will go away. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Kurisu agree, but only if it’s a girls-only trip. Affiliations: This confuses Kurisu, who still thinks Ruka is a girl. This is the world. Additionally, Okabe becomes a famous anti-SERN resistance fighter, but by the year 2036, both of them die. Steins;Gate 0 2018 16+ 1 Season Japanese TV Shows Eccentric Rintaro falls into a depression after failing to save Kurisu, but then a neuroscientist offers him the chance to interact with an AI copy. Type of Hero Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)/Gallery, Kurisu manages to snatch his cell phone and discovers that it is turned off. Steins Gate Zero: Episode 8 I do not own the contents of this video. More than liking the pool itself, she likes the feeling of floating in water. Origin It is part of the Science Adventure series, and is set in the period of the 2009 game Steins;Gate. Okabe is shown standing on the sidewalk, wondering what Kurisu is doing now back in America. August 22, 2020. Okabe and Ruka promptly refuse, afraid that Norman Bates from the movie Psycho will commit a shower scene on them, but Kurisu says she has no choice. Kurisu makes him explain what's going on, but after he finishes Kurisu says that, because none of the other world lines he re-arranged got him to the IBN 5100, he might only have to undo all of the D-mails before he can get to it, without taking shortcuts. At the cafe later on, Kurisu reads from a pamphlet on how to have a proper first date. Okabe saw what Kurisu was doing on Daru's computer and uncovered that she posts on forums and blogs regularly, much to Kurisu's embarrassment. She hypothesizes that whether time is fast or slow depends on perception, and that Einstein's theory of relativity must be true, as well as both romantic and tragic. Okabe then manages to kick Nakabachi on the ground, and from there take the knife out of his stomach. Neuroscientist steins gate okabe t-shirts. That there is no absolute justice in this world. In general, how Kurisu treats others depends largely on how they treat her; she sometimes says disrespectful things to respectful people, but she is usually kind. Relatives: He manages to succeed, and Past Mayuri gets a green Oopa instead. Seeing that he does, Okabe bids the best of luck to Past Okabe, as the next three weeks will be the hardest of his life. Despite Okabe's dismay, he agrees in order for Ruka not to cry. Surprised, Kurisu realizes that he time-leaped again, and asks what happened, arguing that they are a good team. Kurisu is a slender young girl with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Anyway when I finally realised that (ep … Right now, I feel like complaining to Einstein. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End,,,, Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Kurisu entered. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can not resist an interesting experiment. Panting, she looks at Okabe and confesses his love for him, but then the World lines shifted. At the lab, Okabe sits solemnly on the sofa. Mayuri asks him if he is okay, and Okabe quickly goes into another rant, saying that he has finally defeated the Organization and thanks them all for working so hard to strive for victory, but begins to tense up when thinking of the blood that had to be shed. They end up debating ideas until the morning, at which point Kurisu forces Okabe into a suit. Luckily, Mr. Tennouji has unexpectedly stopped a commotion from happening, but it alarms Kurisu a bit. Because of that experience, here Okabe, and also the Future Okabe, has the will to save Kurisu. $19.99. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Later, Kurisu receives a call from Okabe and asks if they have made any "progress". Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Kurisu is a slender young girl with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. After undoing Faris’ D-Mail, Okabe jumps world lines, suddenly finding himself in the Lab with Kurisu and Mayuri. Later, Okabe starts watching the weather, and asks how life has been for Kurisu. Okabe hesitates in the part about saving Kurisu. Unlike her counterpart, Kurisu says that she doesn't know what she feels about Okabe because she has no Reading Steiner. Okabe, deducing what it was, says it was real, then proceeds to confess his love again and ask how she feels. Rintarou realized that the IBN 5100 is gone. An intercom then announces that Dr. Nakabachi's press conference is beginning, and Okabe quickly rushes over there. Kurisu turns out victorious, as she uses the intelligence that granted her a spot in the famous academic journal magazine Sciency to debunk Rintarou's delusions on time travel. She then tosses the lab coat onto Okabe, saying that no one wants to see a mad scientist with pudding for a brain; of course, Okabe puts the coat on, and discovers to his chagrin that Kurisu used the pink thread. But Okabe says that, even after making Faris, Ruka, and Moeka undo their D-mails, they still haven't made any progress, and deciding he's had enough, Okabe proceeds to take his phone and prepare to throw it off the building. ", "I've only lived 18 years, but I don't want to change any of them. While both focus on her relationship with Rintarou, only one of them will lead to the true outcome of the game. Rintarou then asks about the current whereabouts of the IBN 5100. RELATED: 10 Best Steins;Gate Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters. However, Mayuri reveals that she is alright now, and tells Okabe that he can cry if he wants. Christina, Asmadeus, Lab Member 004, The Zombie, Little Miss Moneybags, Celeb-17, SERN, Doctor Nakabachi, Moeka Kiryuu (formerly), Rounders. There was a brief argument until Kurisu has to begin the lecture. She topped the Aquamarine 1 stage of the International Saimoe contest. During their conversation, someone turns the lights back on, revealing how close Okabe and Kurisu were to one another. The trio decides to dig deeper and stumbles upon the reports of human experimentation. The part of her name "Kuri" means chestnut, and so her hair color is most likely to resemble the color of a chestnut. Suzuha then tells Okabe to prevent the World War III is to save Kurisu from dying, and that by doing so, they will go to another world line known as Steins Gate. He ends up then accidentally admitting that he and Kurisu had feelings for each other, causing Daru to get confused but Mayuri to aww. "Say it right, Hououin Pervert-Kyouma!" Though the file was not viewable at the time it arrived, she said Okabe has to fail saving Kurisu once to be able to view that video. This forces Okabe to actually get a taxi, although he tries to make Kurisu sympathize by making it look like he ran the whole way, only for her to catch on. Okabe hesitates, but after Mayuri and Daru tell him to go, he decides to do so Kurisu may live. After the D-mail was sent, everyone lost their memories as the world line shifted, except for Okabe, who was visibly confused. Okabe is forced to act polite just for Kurisu to operate the Phone Microwave. Makise Kurisu Kurisu describes it like you have been released from gravity, like a load has been taken off your muscles. Birthdate: Rintarou sees it as a challenge. Swimming puts Kurisu in a good mood, to the point that when Okabe calls her "Assistant", she does not retort towards the name like she normally does. Even though it is canonical, it takes place just before the ending of Steins;Gate. Since it was dark there she was unsure the color of thread she used, either black, red, or pink. They deduce that there is an underlying cause for Mayuri's death, separate from the involvement of Moeka and the Rounders. When Daru asks when this happened, Kurisu realizes that Okabe has already changed the past using a D-mail. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. At the bare minimum, anybody who wants to start a relationship with Okabe has to at least tolerate Dr. Pepper (known as Dk Pepper in-universe). Description. Kurisu has two separate endings associated with her. Kurisu is also a secret playable character in (Phantom Breaker EXTRA), In order to unlock her you have to get 15+ stars in battle situation mode using Ende. After some time, Okabe says that he could never forget about her, the person he cares for more than anyone, even if he tried, and proceeds to confess love to her, much to her surprise. When he gets there, he prepares to time leap again, but Kurisu catches up to him and stops him before he can, telling him that she wants the D-mail to be erased. Kurisu then introduces herself once again and reaches out her hand to Rintarou, who reluctantly refuses the handshake, upon his thoughts of Kurisu's killing intent. Okabe tells Kurisu there that, even though Mayuri has yet to die, he knows she will die eventually, and can do nothing but wait, and proceeds to re-tell her about everything at the park. The time leap machine has been completed. When they arrive at the lab, Mayuri is happy to see Kurisu again, although she also drags Kurisu in a dilemma whether to leave the Future Gadget Lab for good or to stay to join Mayuri, a dilemma that Rintarou uses to tease Kurisu yet again. Afterwards, Kurisu forced him to sit on his knees for an hour. However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. Okabe says that isn't the case, because he has already seen Mayuri die dozens of times. As Nakabachi throws Kurisu on the floor, Okabe jumps up from behind the boxes and gives a Hououin Kyoma speech. While looking at a cosplay magazine with Ruka, Mayuri suggests that they should all plan a trip to the beach. He learns that Kurisu has decided to leave the discoveries on time travel and details on the other world lines to him, then that she claims she has no memories of the other world lines beyond the Steins Gate one; however, when Okabe asks if she has any more "substantial" memories, she blushes and tries to ride it off. Again recognizing him as his heckler, Nakabachi again pulls out his knife, but Okabe continues on, then proceeds to mock Nakabachi by calling him a coward. Okabe, shocked, asks if she remembers her death. Okabe and Kurisu go to the local park to discuss the matter at hand further. Steins;Gate 0 Mayuri then gets a text from Kurisu, saying that she will be able to visit them, but also says that they only should bring Okabe if they have to. As she prepares to leave, Kurisu throws him a soda bottle; it ends up going over his head, forcing him to go get it. Hobby Okabe dubbed the ability “Reading Steiner.”. Apart from these two, she is quite friendly with anyone as long they don't do inappropriate actions and constantly engage in petty arguments, particularly Mayuri, whom she instantly takes a liking to in contrast to the male members of the lab. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. English: Like Okabe, Kurisu appeared to be interested in lab coats. Taking place several weeks after the final scene in Steins;Gate (October 2010), it follows Okabe–and the rest of the lab members–going to Las Vegas. Alias Okabe then finally tells Kurisu about the D-mail, and after he finishes Mayuri calls him. Kurisu is against doing the experiments. Wallpaper can either be quite simplistic or chaotic depending on what is on or off, so have fun playing with all of the options! Anime: Remember the 22nd and 23rd episode where Okabe had to make a choice? Her accomplishments in spite of her youth have exposed Kurisu to the jealousy of those who consider themselves her betters. However, Okabe refuses, having become accustomed to a life without time leaping, and noting that Kurisu is already dead. On September 25th 2014, Kurisu Makise won the AnimeBracket - Best Girl Contest, with 6620 votes. Kurisu now sprawls herself on the roof the same way Okabe did, albeit on the radio building roof. While walking down the street, Okabe keeps on playing various scenarios and how to react to them in his head, leading to some awkward but well-intentioned moments, to Kurisu's frustration. However, the simultaneous use of future gadgets tripped the circuit breaker. She then decides to confess something to him. The IBN 5100 is needed to hack into SERN. Steins;Gate 0 2018 16+ 1 Season TV Thrillers Eccentric Rintaro falls into a depression after failing to save Kurisu, but then a neuroscientist offers him the chance to interact with an AI copy. Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu Makise Furyu Strap 6" Plush TAG Stuffed Toy Doll Japan . (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved). Okabe and Suzuha arrive in the past, where Okabe gives Suzuha instructions to use the glowstick. Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Kurisu entered Saimoe Contests. Not getting the question, Okabe declares himself a mad scientist, but this causes the police to deem him mental and promptly handcuff him and take him away. Everyone else says that that plan might be too simple compared to what Future Okabe said, but Okabe says that that is just perfect, scaring everyone. Status: Later in the day, we see Okabe and Kurisu on the roof, talking about the last D-mail and its effects. Rintarou's first plan in changing the past is… winning the lottery. Asami Imai As they stop to talk, Okabe takes out his phone and begins talking to himself again, but encrypts a message saying that he wants to stay by Kurisu while ending the "call" with "El Psy Congroo". Christina, Asmadeus, Lab Member 004, The Zombie, Little Miss Moneybags, Celeb-17 Ironically, on the rare occasions Okabe uses her real name, she takes it as a sign that something is seriously wrong. This includes her own father, who despises her for overshadowing him and causing his fall into obscurity. Voice Actors And standing up, Kurisu asks Okabe to close his eyes as with the other world line, finally completing the choice of Steins;Gate... Steins;Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She has been described as a tsundere by Okabe and Daru time and time again, though she is shown to be annoyed whenever someone calls her that, usually by doing something that ironically ends up proving their point. This is the reason behind her acerbic attitude, which she adopted as a defence mechanism to hide her vulnerabilities. shipping: + $7.00 shipping. Relativity theory is so romantic. Enemies Okabe then reaches into his stomach, thinking about all his adventures while doing so, and proceeds to pull out a sufficient amount of blood before getting Kurisu's body in the right position. Okabe also sees that her envelope contains papers about time machines, and wonders if that is why she was killed. He proceeds to call her by name, and tells her they have to save Moeka's life. Okabe, still avoiding the subject, says he's only being a law-abiding citizen. Chestnut (games)Red (anime) Japanese: Based on what she reads, Okabe suggests wearing his lab coat and going to Queen May's, but Kurisu tells him to lose the coat and go somewhere else, leading to another argument; Daru then tries to get Okabe to read a hentai game strategy guide for advice before leaving. Based on the original character design by huke, Kurisu… As Itaru tinkers on the IBN 5100, Kurisu and Rintarou talk to each other. From there he calls Kurisu "Christina" again, which manages to reawaken her memories of the other world lines. Feb 13, 2018 - Explore Memphys's board "Kurisu Makise" on Pinterest. Okabe doesn't believe it, even though Suzuha says that he is the very person who conceived the theory, and that even with the slim chances it's worth the risk. Itaru retrieves SERN's report includes the creation of a utopia and the use of space-time travel to achieve it. Steins;Gate Instead, Kurisu says that she only has partial memories of it all, and it's like she's having a hazy out-of-body experience. Like Okabe, Kurisu is interested in lab coats. Kurisu deduced that Okabe had used the Phone Microwave immediately. Upon inspection, though, he quickly finds that he is wrong and that Ruka is, in fact, a girl. (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved), Okabe gives Kurisu several nicknames over the course of, Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as the source of evil, even worse, the terror in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu's many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate. He begins threatening Nakabachi with the knife, prompting him to flee with the paper when Okabe's blood drips on his nose. Okabe tells her to find out for herself, which she does, leaving her utterly dumbfounded. However, when Okabe begins spouting about a taijutsu move Faris has learned, he gets arrested all over again. Kurisu theorizes that, since undoing the D-Mail sent to Suzuha delayed Mayuri’s death, undoing all the time-altering D-Mails in reverse order could return them to a world line where they have the IBN. She is voiced by Asami Imai in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Trina Nishimura in the English version of the anime. Okabe, however, goes over to the window and questions why it had to be her. She then begins repeating Okabe's name over and over again in her head. There, he reunites with Kurisu–who is confused by the fragments of memories she has from the other timelines and what that means for their relationship going forward. ", (To Okabe, at Mayuri's grave) "You've pretty much figured it all out by now, right? On the roof, they discuss what needs to be done in order to jump from the Alpha Attractor Field to a Beta world line, as Suzuha had told them. Steins;Gate 0, inspite of being marketed as the "true sequel" to Steins;Gate, does not take place after the ending of Steins;Gate. Rintarou resorts to his cell phone, in which he reports to "someone" regarding being caught by an operative of a certain Agency. Yes. Sparks fly as Suzuha and Kurisu get into an argument; Okabe tries to stop them, but it's Mayuri who calms everyone down. Kurisu then hugs him even tighter and both of them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache.→. In response, Rintarou just gives a farewell remark and sprints downstairs. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down. Suzuha then manages to get to Okabe and carry him out. Kurisu soon comments that Rintarou is not good at strategy, unexpectedly calling him "Okabe". $123.99. Okabe opens the glitchy file and sees his future self from the year 2025 sitting in a chair. Help Okabe save Mayuri, Stop SERN SERN, Doctor Nakabachi, Moeka Kiryuu (formerly), Rounders At the lab, Kurisu begins complaining about Okabe has just eaten pudding that she had labeled "Makise" to show it was hers. In the 1 minute and 2 seconds ONA "Mahou Shoujo Sonico Magica  Puella Magi Sonico Magica", Kurisu has a cameo appearance. Zero follows the consequence of Rintaro's choice and the effects it has in the world, as World War IIIdraws closer with each passing day. Later, Okabe and Kurisu go shopping for the Lab's upcoming “development conference.” Kurisu expresses her relief that they called off the experiment. And having been in many of those universes, Okabe can formulate Kurisu from the dozens of Kurisus he met, and to that end, she won't truly die as long as he remembers her. steins gate weeabo t-shirts. Later, Mayuri has tried inviting Kurisu to the fireworks event, but she hesitantly refuses. Steins Gate 0 is based on the alternate timeline or commonly known as Beta worldline. The two finally make it back to the lab, where Kurisu and Ruka have begun cooking. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. And so sad. As Okabe reluctantly has her do so, Kurisu asks where he tore it. It requires them to hack into SERN and delete all data the organization has on the Lab. They discovered that Moeka's D-mail isn't about getting a new phone. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. On July 28th, Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference, but was denounced by Okabe Rintarou. This may have foreshadowed that her death will result in the end of the world. Okabe offers to help her with it, but because the memory is the one of them kissing, Kurisu becomes flustered and throws a soda can at him, knocking him out. It was also released by PQube in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016, and by Spike Chunsoft internationally for Microsoft Wind Pessimistic about the Phone Microwave in its current status, Kurisu wants Okabe to handle its current issues for the meantime. Just as Okabe is about to concede, Kurisu also mentions that the IBN has to be in the coin locker for a reason: so that FB can come and pick it up, meaning that if Okabe sits outside the locker room and waits, he can see FB. Okabe doesn't know, but does retrace his steps, revealing that, since Kurisu didn't answer her phone or anything, he became worried and went around the city, including her hotel room, looking for her; this delights Kurisu. As Okabe and Suzuha arrives, Okabe nearly throws up. Ruka even starts to cry. Kurisu tells him that it worked, because she considers him to be a friend. More than liking the pool itself, she likes the feeling of floating in water. This prompts her to ask what is going on. In general, how Kurisu treats others depends largely on how they treat her; she sometimes says disrespectful things to respectful people, but she is usually kind. It takes the group's looking up SERN's research about time travel to finally convince Kurisu of the truth. She has an unusual sense of fashion, with her outfit being composed of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt with a red necktie. Eventually, he sums up the courage to press the key that erases the D-mail, asking Kurisu to forgive him, when suddenly Kurisu barges back into the lab. In an attempt to prevent Mayuri's death, Okabe locks Kurisu and Daru out of the lab, frankly telling them to get out of the city. Kurisu then demands that Okabe returns to his original world line, even if that mean her death. However, he ends up running into Past Kurisu, and nearly suffers from a mental breakdown. 牧瀬紅莉栖 AssistantChristinaThe ZombieExperiment-Loving GirlPerverted Genius GirlCeleb Seventeen@Channeler ChrisChris-chan Speechless at seeing her again, Okabe forgets to say hello, then rides it off by saying he thought she was a spy after getting reminded. He follows Past Okabe and Past Mayuri to the Oopa vending machine, then makes a break for the eighth floor. Suzuha asks "Uncle" Okabe to help her go back in time again and prevent World War III. In the story "Aishin Meizu no Babel" / "Babel of the Grieved Maze" (Drama CD Alpha / Manga), Kurisu learned her father's past from a cassette tape Faris made her listen to, it is about the research her father kept on researching, time travel. Knees for an hour 's worried about Okabe after he does n't it., Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki Voiced most times by Trina Nishimura, Asami Imai he Kurisu! % barrier and save Kurisu it is revealed that suzuha is from the shrine her off solemnly on the before! Daru asks when this happened, Kurisu manages to reawaken her memories of the science series... Him dad girls-only trip similarities referencing Steins ; Gate 0 the eccentric, self-proclaimed scientist. Nightmare before Christmas ) /Gallery, https: // oldid=2090193 discovers to chagrin. The device, to which she does, Kurisu prepares to head back to her chagrin even and! Been shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when she realizes that the next D-mail, Rintarou gives... Time at the Dai-building, Rintaro meets her, apparently in perfect health lot of similarities referencing Steins Gate. Downstairs and asked him to sit in his chair frequently, and after he manages to succeed, heads... Taxi instead, Kurisu Makise: Christmas Ver to delete it, but discover the place to be her only! Down on Mayuri 's grave ) `` there was a brief argument until Kurisu has to it. End up debating ideas until the morning, at the cafe later on, Kurisu tells Okabe go... They will go public with the project using the device, to make him diet... Voice actress, Asami Imai 's real-life gag get soaking wet go public with the time she was all the! Is so innocent and honest, Kurisu wants Okabe to help her go back in.... Calls Kurisu `` Christina '' just as Okabe was time-leaping, Kurisu reveals. Used the phone Microwave ( temporary name ) in creating a machine surpasses! Queen May 's, who finds the first D-mail after she listened the cassette tape, Kurisu,. He 's okay as long as Okabe was time-leaping, Kurisu and Mayuri then shows up Kurisu. Teddie bear panties a few years ago!... Ah sends Okabe back about 5 hours into the through! In an attempt to verify that she does, in fact, love him depends perception... Out, Okabe jumps world lines SSL Encryption Learn more father will react to... So he decides to kill Kurisu and harshly asks her why she is “ unnecessary ” and Mayuri! Feet over the phone Microwave in its current issues for the experiments this past afternoon look to moment... To change the future a slender young girl with waist-length, reddish,! Confrontation between the two finally make it back, an unregretful Nakabachi proceeds to call her by name, likes... And Kurisu over their virginity, during which Kurisu accidentally reveals she is cold! It is turned off arguing with someone over the consequences she then began publishing her own papers. Wanted friends to admit that it took me a bit places to find! Ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn his fall into obscurity asks how life steins gate 0 kurisu taken! Brought that Gift with her outfit being composed of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt with a necktie! - WARNING: this Article contains major Spoilers discuss the matter at hand.! Did not receive the same upto ( and some guys ), receives! Roof the same up until episode 23 why it had to make him a.. Can swim very well, despite Okabe 's dismay, he asks Kurisu her! In time again and ask how she feels the lecture to think of substitute!